Tooth Fairy Preparation

Smiling child holding his fallen tooth

Seeing your child growing up is a sweet moment in parenting. You can’t stop feeling goosebumps, listening to their tender voice talking to you after a long day.

You feel their sweetness and notice they can communicate with you in their own way. So, you bend on your knees and transform into a kid at the same height, talking to them using fantastical but convincing language.

Your little one can now understand stories like the Tooth Fairy, which enables you to help her maintain good oral hygiene and oral health while transporting her to a magical world!

Indeed, using stories is a tremendous communicative format that has been used for centuries in Western-influenced cultures and that goes back to eastern Asian cultures.

A long time ago, figures like little ratón Pérez, a character representing values, were used to encourage a Spanish king to empathize with his people and teach him about the bravery needed to guide his subjects.

Today you can use these value characters depicted in fables and stories to help your kid understand essential values for life, one of which is the Tooth Fairy that will help her pass the teeth falling process with no hassle.

So, the aim is to prepare yourself and prepare your kid with exciting ideas that include crafting some fun stuff to be ready for the Fairy’s arrival!

How to Prepare My Kid For The Tooth Fairy

Explaining things to a kid that is now ready to communicate can be entertaining and enlightening. But first, you need to prepare yourself to maximize your communicative potential with your little one and help them reduce the anxiety of teeth falling.

How to Prepare My Kid For The Tooth Fairy

Help Yourself Prepare For The Tooth Fairy!

Imagine yourself in a board meeting, and you are explaining a chart your partners didn’t know its content. It will cause confusion, and you might lose attention and a potential client.

As extreme as this might sound, the same could happen with your child if both parents don’t prepare a solid and convincing story that entails details you both agreed on beforehand telling.

The aim is to get your kid to believe and keep the story’s magic alive. You can also define the price the Fairy will give your little one for each tooth if you decide to give her money.

Help Your Kids Prepare!

You might want to consider preparing your kid to lose the first tooth. The aim of preparing your kid is to reduce the anxiety associated with seeing a tooth falling and help them feel comfortable with the idea, transforming it into something exciting. Thus, using the Tooth Fairy to accomplish this goal is something you can try, and you can also get some help contacting a pediatric dentist in johns creek.

Help Your Kids Prepare! - Johans Creek Kids Dentist

Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

You definitely want to have a lovely keepsake of your kid’s teeth falling off process, and what better idea than to have them organized in a fashion you like the most?

A keepsake box is a beautiful idea and easy to find. Just type Teeth Keepsake Box on Amazon, and you will have a vast assortment of options to choose from.

The first option displayed is a wooden box with spaces to organize each tooth; to check out the box, click here.

The second display option is a plastic organizer with decorations and an I.D. card where you can write your kid’s information. It comes in their favorite colors for boys and girls. To check out this box, click here.

But what if you and your little one decide to make a keepsake handcraft of your own? Then you have to buy drawstring bags or plain bags your kid can decorate as she wishes.

Tooth Fairy Door

If Santa gets a chimney to enter a house at Christmas, Why wouldn’t the Tooth Fairy have a customized door to get a tooth and surprise your kid? Getting a tiny door became a fabulous optional thing you want to consider getting to make the fantasy more vivid.

You can get yours on Etsy, or if your little one feels pumped, try making one of your own. You can also decorate them or let your kid’s imagination fly by making a design of its own. Browse on Etsy and click here to choose one of your preferences.

You can get more ideas to get your kid excited by clicking here.

Dental Extractions With a Pediatric Dentist

Having your kid undergo a long and sometimes unpleasant extraction or a procedure involving crowns, root canals, or fillings causes anxiety. Even when your kid cooperates, she might feel time passes too slowly and start to feel some fear, and it might be necessary to put your child under anesthesia for dental work.

Fortunately, at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry, we start by explaining to parents the possibility of sedating their kids by applying general anesthesia.

Before an extraction, multiple fillings, crowns, or a root canal, your Alpharetta Pediatric Dentist will explain to parents the procedure, the reasons for sedation, the staff that will work on it, and the on-site equipment that will be used.

Also, parents are rightfully concerned about general anesthesia and ask if this procedure might need to be done at a hospital. However, a dentist with the proper instrumentality, staff, equipment, and experience can apply anesthesia to a kid.

Complications are rare with general anesthesia, and it is essential to clarify general anesthesia used at Alpharetta Pediatric Dentist differs from deep sedation that requires assisted respiratory and cardiovascular assistance.

Why Might a Kid Require More Dental Extractions?

In normal conditions, your kid would not require extractions unless there is a profound infection, a rebellious baby tooth, or your Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry refers your kid to an orthodontist who concurs on the need for extraction as part of interceptive orthodontic treatment. 

However, one to four percent of children develop a condition known as hyperdontia that causes the growth of extra teeth. These teeth might grow in different parts, including behind other adult teeth, in the upper gums, and could grow impacted towards another tooth.

The good part is they are painless but might cause inflammation, and your Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry might define is time to extract it. But why would these extra teeth require extraction?

Hyperdontia or supernumerary teeth might fuse with other teeth, and your kid might need surgery to detach them. Also, these extra teeth might remain below the gums or impact, getting in the way of permanent teeth, causing crowding, and cysts, displacing them, or blocking their eruption. 

Addressing hyperdontia is imperative, as if time passes by and a problem is not detected promptly, it might lead to critical issues in the future. So, the first thing to do is to take your kid to Alpharetta Pediatric Dentist from year one for the first dental visit.

Dr. Nanna Ariaban will monitor and evaluate the development of extra teeth and determine the need for extraction when teeth cause or might cause problems putting the kid in danger. Otherwise, Dr. Ariaban recommends leaving teeth untouched.

Tooth Fairy Ideas For The First Tooth

A few lines above, we’ve defined a couple of cool things you can do with your kid’s baby teeth. Now is the time to list some other unique ideas you can use to make this moment memorable and encouraging for your little one. So here we brought you some Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas for your kid.

  • Make a Tooth Fairy Certificate;
  • Give your kid a Fairy Tooth Pillow;
  • Make Fairy Glitter Money and gold coins;
  • Use a doll’s feet to mark some Fairy footsteps with Fairy dust;
  • Make a tiny Fairy note;

The History of The Tooth Fairy

Tracking down the history of the Tooth Fairy Tradition is fascinating. Early depictions take us back to Nord traditions, where adults used to bury their kid’s baby teeth for luck in battle.

In compensation for the good luck they brought, helping them get back alive to their families, parents started giving their children coins. However, later on, and in other cultures, including Asian countries, depictions included a mouse, as we explained with Little Ratón Pérez in Spain.

In America, the Tooth Fairy acquired popularity and increased significance in the early twentieth century; it depicted a tiny Fairy with wings visiting a kid at night and leaving money in exchange for every tooth.

As with many characters, they were adapted and adopted into pop culture, also increasing the value the Fairy leaves for each tooth compared with the first time it became popular in the fifties decade.

Your Kids Teeth Care Beyond The Fantasy

At Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry, we look forward to helping parents help their kids have healthy smiles in a happy environment. Dr. Nanna Ariaban is a trained professional with extensive experience assisting kids with dental care to have healthy teeth.

Feel free to call our office and schedule your child’s pediatric dentist appointment, visit our Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry website, or call our Alpharetta Pediatric Dentist today.