The Polkdadot Story in Alpharetta

Alpharetta is integral to the story of Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry and its start. Back in 2013, Dr. Nanna was ready to begin her journey in her life’s goal of opening up her own pediatric dental office. Originally, she and her husband had originally chosen to move to Dallas after a visit and through a recommendation of some friends. They drove from Pennsylvania to Dallas, but on the way they had a friend from Alpharetta ask them to stop by and visit.

That one visit changed everything for Dr. Nanna and her family. Once they got into town and stopped to meet with their friends, they ended up staying for a while. They loved the community and were thoroughly enjoying their stay.

What first was a temporary visit ended up becoming much more? Our Alpharetta Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Nanna, and her husband got to talking and thought they had all their possessions and plans ready in Dallas, they just couldn’t part ways with Alpharetta.

Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry in Alpharetta

Something about the community and the air made them feel just at home. They fell in love and just couldn’t leave Alpharetta.

Before they made the final call, they decided that they would give Alpharetta one more test. They wanted to know if the city could support their dreams of owning a pediatric dental office. So, Dr. Nanna and her husband went searching. They wanted to make sure that Alpharetta was a young and growing community with a strong youthful demographic, not only for the business but also to help provide a great environment for the family they would soon be starting. 2nd, they wanted to make sure that they could find an office that could house the vision they had for what is now Polka.

The search for an office is what sealed the deal. Dr. Nanna and her husband found two neighboring offices perfect for the dental office that they imagined. It was perfect. On one side, Dr. Nanna’s husband could start the business that he was working on, and on the other side, Dr. Nanna could open her pediatric dental office.

And ever since, Dr. Nanna and her husband have called Alpharetta their home. They’ve opened both their businesses and have grown them into successful businesses in the community, they have started their family by welcoming two children and have become active members of the community. Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry and its pediatric dentists in Alpharetta have called Alpharetta their home since 2013 and will always have strong roots in the city.

Alpharetta Community Topics

We created this page to create an easy reference page for all of the Alpharetta-specific topics we have on the website. The Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry blog consistently publishes content on oral health and topics specific to dentistry for children. However, to help families and parents further, we wanted to create something that parents could use day today.

Therefore, we started to create content that was specific to Alpharetta. Posts will discuss foods that you can buy that are healthy for your children’s teeth, safety precautions and other topics.

Alpharetta Grocery Guide For Healthier Teeth

The purpose of the post is to help families not only understand what the healthiest foods are for their teeth but also create awareness of local places in Alpharetta to buy these foods. Alpharetta Grocery Guide.

Guide To Dental Safety For Youth Sports In Alpharetta

Since we’re an office with a pediatric team we particularly care about the health of our children’s smiles. Therefore, we created this guide to highlight the local sports of Alpharetta and their safety regulations and ones we recommend to augment the safety of your child’s smile. Guide to Youth Sports in Alpharetta

Alpharetta Halloween Guide For Families

Halloween is right around the corner and rather than wait to the last second to figure out what events are going on around Alpharetta, we wanted to put something together to help families learn about what is happening. Alpharetta Halloween Guide

The Best Ice Cream And Yogurt In Alpharetta

We want to help you, and your child avoid tooth decay, but not at the expense of every dessert or treat. Your child can still enjoy many options, such as the best ice cream or frozen yogurt in town! Get More Info.

Guide to Alpharetta School Lunches

In order to be of the most assistance to our parents, we wanted to create a guide for the local school lunches in Alpharetta and Fulton County. As parents, we want to make sure that our kids are eating foods healthy for themselves and their teeth. What we’ve done is go to the local Fulton County School District’s website and download the actual school menu for the Fall Semester of 2018. We went through each menu to see what food options would be provided and what foods kids should avoid and which ones to choose.

Teeth Healthy Alpharetta Elementary School Lunches

Now that everyone is going off to school, we want to remind parents and children about healthy foods for their teeth. Our pediatric dental team has gone through the breakfast and lunch menus of elementary schools in Alpharetta, John’s Creek and Roswell to determine what the best food are for kids. Read the Guide.

Teeth Healthy Alpharetta Middle School Lunch Options

Though the food options for the middle school are similar, there are differences and we want to provide resources for our parents who are concerned about their pre-teens. Read the Guide

Teeth Healthy Alpharetta High School Lunch Options

The final post in our series for school lunches and your children’s teeth, this piece will highlight our more senior patients. We’ve analyzed the breakfast and lunch options for our elementary school patients and we’ve done so for our middle school patients, now we want to provide a guide for our high school patients. Read the Guide

Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry Community Work

Alpharetta Christmas Tree Lighting

Alpharetta Christmas Tree Lighting

Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry was proud to support and be apart of the Alpharetta Christmas Tree Lightning. The event was such a fun event for families and we loved to see the Downtown Historic District illuminated with over 10,000 white lights and so many happy faces. The event was full of pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus, holiday performances and, personally our favorite, a Snow Playground!

The event will be happening again this year and we hope to see everyone there!

“All Kids Count” Family 5K

All Kids Count” Family 5K

This was a cause that we felt very strongly about supporting. The Foster Care Support Foundation help a 5k to help support the local community. Foster Care Support Foundation helps provide “free clothing, infant equipment and developmental toys to thousands of children in foster and relative care”. The organization hosts many great events including “Prom-A-Palooza” and a Hope 4 Tomorrow Mentoring Program.

We were so honored to help support and be a part of this wonderful cause!