Pediatric Dentist in Johns Creek talks about Health

Pediatric dentist in Johns Creek

Your pediatric dentist in Johns Creek wants to talk about health with our patients and their parents. During this time, it is more important than ever that we practice safe and healthy habits. Our Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry cannot wait to see all of our patients and their families, and we cannot wait to see their smiling faces! In this blog, we want to discuss some of the significant health precautions that need to be taken in order to stay healthy during the lockdowns and self-quarantines. We will discuss handwashing, coughing, and self-quarantining.


Washing your hands is the most critical health precaution that you and your family should frequently be done. Handwashing is not only an essential healthy habit to already have, but it is even more vital that we are all washing our hands more frequently. Washing our hands prevents several things from happening.

For starters, washing your hands can help to prevent you from picking up harmful bacteria and germs. Daily, when we go out to the grocery store or to get gas, we touch a large number of items that have been previously touched by many other people before you. The majority of the time, these items are not frequently cleaned. Handwashing can help keep the germs at bay. Washing our hands also prevents us from putting germs and bacteria on our faces, which can lead to acne, illness, and potentially picking up a virus.

At home, we are less likely to pick up outside germs and bacteria, so you may not have to wash your hands as frequently as you would when you leave the house. However, make sure to wipe down commonly used objects just in case. Objects like door handles, light switches, countertops, and remote controllers should all be wiped down frequently to lessen the bacteria and germ build-up.


Coughing is not a bad function of the body. It helps to clear your lungs, throat, and mouth from particles that can make you sick or potentially harm your body. When we are coughing, we are forcing these particles out of our body, but think about where they go afterward? These potentially harmful particles could end up on objects or even other people. This is why it is essential to cover our coughs.

Since a young age, we were all taught that when we cough, it must be covered. We can either cough into our elbow or our hands. Now even though we may cover our coughs, we still must wash our hands immediately after. Our pediatric dentist in Johns Creek knows just how important it is to keep up with this healthy habit. If it also helps, after you cough while you may be away from a sink, you can always carry a high alcohol percentage hand sanitizer to clean your hands in between washes.

Self Quarantine

Confining to your home is an excellent health precaution to take. If we do not need to leave our houses, we shouldn’t. We have to take the necessary precautions so that we can all keep our families safe. While we are home, it is best to keep all surfaces cleaned in our homes and disinfect external objects that are coming in. We want to keep our social interactions down so we can help prevent the virus from spreading. There are a handful of apps and websites that we can all use to stay in touch with our loved ones. We recommend taking full advantage of these resources so that you all can have some sort of social interaction.

We hope you found our pediatric dentist in Johns Creek talks about health blog helpful. We want to make sure that all of our patients are healthy and happy. We would also like to remind you all that brushing and flossing every day is also extremely important. Brushing and flossing help prevent bacteria build-up inside our mouths; if we do not stay on top of, it can lead to issues with our immune system. We do not want to see more cavities, but it does happen, and we will be here for our patients if brushing and flossing are not kept up. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We know a lot is going on in the world, if you have a dental emergency, call us immediately. If you would like more information, Please visit our Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry.