We are on standby to help your kids when they require emergency dental care in Johns Creek. Symptoms may develop rapidly, so please remain attentive to any complaints your child makes known. Besides, these situations usually arise from accidents in otherwise enjoyable situations, such as riding bikes, running around with friends, practicing sports, and more.

If your kid suffered direct trauma to their mouth, make sure to check the area for any signs of swelling or bleeding and contact us if you are unsure about their dental health status.

Likewise, you should get in touch with our office if your child suffers from sudden pain around their teeth. Even though pain by itself is not a dental emergency, it could be a symptom of a severe problem.

Types of Emergency Dental Services

We will gladly review your kids’ case and determine the vitality of the affected teeth and monitor if there is any additional bleeding that could be indicative of an infection.

Please watch out for the following scenarios:

  • Chipped, broken, or fractured tooth: this situation is particularly common in children who practice contact sports. Please get in touch with our office and ask if a successful reattachment is an option to be considered.
  • Tooth pain or toothache: please remember that we mentioned this situation isn’t, by itself, a dental emergency. However, it’s still a difficult thing to face for many kids, and parents should consider taking over-the-counter pain medicine as directed by the time they get in touch with our office.
  • Knocked-out tooth: if you find the tooth, put it in salt water or a glass of milk and bring it with the patient to the office as soon as possible. There’s a chance of reattaching the tooth successfully if you get to a dentist within the hour.
  • Facial swelling: please be extra mindful of this as it can signify that an abscess and infection are causing a lot of damage and could lead to a generalized infection.
  • Bitten tongue: you can clean the area with hydrogen peroxide or a saline solution that may sting but will help sanitize the region. Afterward, put pressure on the wound to stop any bleeding and get in touch with your kids’ dentist.

Urgent Dental Care in Johns Creek When You Need It

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to get in touch with us to find emergency dental care in Johns Creek. Sure, even though a mild toothache can be upsetting and not feel like a real dental emergency, you can still contact us to provide your kid with the care they require.

Please try to avoid potential sources of dental emergencies through good oral hygiene and using a mouthguard. Here at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry, we are happy to help you and your kids whenever you need us. Give us a call at (678) 389-6669 and set an appointment for your kid.

What is emergency pediatric dentistry?

Emergency pediatric dentistry deals with conditions that could compromise your kids’ teeth’ integrity. You can easily identify these situations by the severe pain your kid feels or persistent bleeding. In any case, you should get your kid to get treatment with a pediatric dentistry and avoid the situation from escalating into something worse.

What are some common pediatric dental emergencies?

Some common emergencies include a broken or chipped tooth, direct injury to the jaw, a lost crown, dental abscess, facial swelling, and excessive bleeding. Any situation that endangers your kids’ teeth is a pediatric dental emergency and requires immediate attention.

How should I handle a dental emergency involving my child?

The right answer depends on the type of emergency your kid is experiencing. You can manage some of the initial symptoms with salt water rinses and pain medication, but the most important thing to do is to get in touch with your kids’ dentist and take them to a proper emergency care center.

What should I do if I think my child has broken their jaw?

A broken or dislocated jaw constitutes a dental emergency that requires immediate professional care. This type of trauma can lead to persistent bleeding and even some breathing problems. Please call emergency services and get help right away.

Can you fix a knocked-out tooth?

A pediatric Dentist can help fix a knocked-out tooth if you bring it in fast enough. You can submerge the knocked-out tooth in milk while you bring it to the office, and we can evaluate if replanting the tooth is a viable option. If so, you would have saved your kid’s tooth, preventing a whole array of additional complications.

Does an emergency dentist cost more for kids?

The cost of emergency dental treatment varies from one case to another and has a lot to do with the severity of the condition that requires review by a professional.