Best Pediatric Dentist in Johns Creek

Conveniently located at the edge of Alpharetta and John’s Creek, we have many regular patients from both cities. Parents love the time and gentle attentiveness that our John’s Creek Kids dentist, Dr. Nanna, puts into all her appointments. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, she is able to expertly work with children of any age, helping them get healthy teeth and bright smiles. We always go the extra mile, especially when you drive the extra mile! At Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry, we have patients from all over Fulton County including Johns Creek! Regardless of where you’re from, we always deliver the same level of excellent service and personal treatment to our young patients. It’s important to us that you and your family feel right at home when you step into our office.

Dr. Nanna Ariaban – Pediatric Dentist in Johns Creek

Here at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry our Alpharetta pediatric dentist we take pride in our excellent customer service. It starts with the first phone call. Our patients love to hear about what we offer and our front office understands for many of these families that phone calls may be their child’s first time coming to the dental office. I believe that we have a group of people who really want to learn and grow in the dental industry and Dr, Nanna definitely provides us with the tools to do that.

Best Johns Creek Pediatric Dentistry

There is no peer when it comes to Dr. Nanna, our pediatric dentist in Johns Creek, her practice, and the ladies that she has employed, and hired. They are professional, they are warm and inviting. When you come to a facility where the focus is on the bed, on the young people, and the children, her staff has a great knack for just making things feel fun.

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My goal as a dentist is to create a fun dental home for our patients. Kids come to our office as young as the age of 1, and they can stay at our Johns Creek office till they’re 18 or 19. So our goal is to introduce them to how to brush their teeth, what foods to eat, how to keep their teeth nice and clean, and come every six months. And when they come here, we want it to be so comfortable, they lay back relax and the parents are relaxed everyone’s just having a great time. We want to have that nice, family environment, unlike a lot of those new corporations, big practices – that really don’t know you as a person, we like the relationship aspect. We hope that we can maintain long relationships with our families for a very long period of time.

Dr. Nanna Ariaban is an Experienced Johns Creek Kids Dentist

Dr. Nanna Ariaban is a native resident of Fulton County. She has been practicing pediatric dentistry for the community of Johns Creek for years. She has helped many children develop healthy smiles and continues to help many families promote strong oral habits for their kids.

Dental Services for Children in Johns Creek


“Our first experience at (Johns Creek) PolkaDot dentistry was amazing. Usually, my son is very nervous about a dental visit-this was his first time at a Jhons Creek pediatric dentist’s office. The staff, dental hygienist, and dentist Dr. Nanna were very kind, patient, and accommodating. They know their stuff, and we were very comfortable. I also like the fact that they were proactive in preventative care but suggested only what we needed. They checked ahead of time with our insurance policy to find out the cost and coverage for different procedures. We have already made our follow-up appointments.” – Melissa McLean

Everything is great here. The waiting room, the staff, the cleaning stations… This place was highly recommended by several friends and now I know why! They are so patient with my daughter who has lots of dental anxiety! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! – Lauren Grijalva

Pediatric Dentist Near Me At Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry

We’re always happy to greet visitors! Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry sits at the border of Alpharetta and Johns Creek. If you’d like to stop by our best Johns Creek children’s dentist, it’s a quick drive north on Turner Mcdonald or the Alpharetta Highway. The exit will be Kimball Bridge Road and then continue onto Parkview Lane. Our practice is in the same plaza as Starbucks.

Johns Creek Guide For Parents

Below are different guides we have created to help parents in the Johns Creek community make sure that they are buying the best foods for their children’s smiles, using the right equipment for youth leagues, and making sure parents know what the best school lunches are.

Youth Sports Safety

We have many superstars in training that come through our practice. It’s amazing to see so many of our patients engaging in sports and learning the importance of teamwork and competition. After some cases where we’ve had some incidents of some of our patients having accidents of broken or chipped teeth, we decided to put together as comprehensive a guide as possible of all the different sports and what we advise for parents to encourage smile safety. Read the Guide.

Johns Creek Elementary School Lunches

Now that everyone is going off to school, we want to remind parents and children about healthy foods for their teeth. Our pediatric dental team has gone through the breakfast and lunch menus of elementary schools in Alpharetta, John’s Creek, and Roswell to determine the best food for kids. Read the Guide.

Johns Creek Grocery Guide For Healthier Teeth

There is so much material out there that talks about what foods are good for your child’s teeth, but we wanted to take it a step further and provide a guide on where to buy these foods. With so many stores, both in person and online, and so much advice given, we feel that many people are overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right food. This guide provides recommendations as a Jhons Creek pediatric dental practice but also provides local Johns Creek stores where you can find these foods. Read the Guide

Teeth Healthy Johns Creek & Alpharetta High School Lunch Options

The final post in our series for school lunches and your children’s teeth in Johns Creek, this piece will highlight our more senior patients. We’ve analyzed the breakfast and lunch options for our elementary school patients and we’ve done so for our middle school patients, now we want to provide a guide for our high school patients.Read the Guide

Johns Creek Halloween Guide

Halloween is right around the corner and rather than wait until the last second to figure out what events are going on around Johns Creek, we wanted to put something together to help families learn about what is happening. Of course, we’re a Jhons Creek pediatric dentist’s office, so we’re going to give some tips on how to keep your kids’ teeth healthy this spooky season! Read the Guide


Is a pediatric dentist necessary?

Definitely! When you visit a Johns Creek pediatric dentist, you are giving your child the best health opportunities. Pediatric Dentists are board-certified specialists with all the necessary know-how to make sure that the dental health of children of all ages is secured and well taken care of.

What ages does a pediatric dentist treat?

A Johns Creek pediatric dentist treats infants, children, and teens. Our doctors have years of experience working with children of any age, improving their dental health, and creating beautiful smiles. We will make sure that you and your family are in good hands and feel right at home when you step into our office.

What is a baby dentist called?

A baby dentist in Johns Creek is generally called a pediatric dentist. Technically is a pedodontist, and they are dentists that specialize in children’s dental health. This will be the diagnosis and treatment of children’s (Infants to teens) dental care.

What happens at a baby's first dentist appointment?

Your baby’s first dental appointment is key for their dental health and growth. Our baby dentist Johns Creek recommends the first visit to be a short, fun experience for the kid and parents. This will help the kid get to know the dentist, team, and office and will help them feel secure. During this visit, the team will help parents understand their kid’s dental health and how to take care of it at home. We recommend your kids’ first visit be as early as possible to properly follow your child’s dental growth and development.

How to find the best kids dentist in Johns Creek for your child?

Finding Johns Creek’s best kids’ dentist should not be a struggle. You will need a pediatric dentist that will meet your children’s needs and who is experienced in the field. So, the answer is simple: your best kids’ dentist near me is right here at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry. We will keep the dental health of your kid at best within a fun-caring environment and with state-of-the-art technology that will make every visit a great experience.

What are the qualities which make a best kids dentist in Johns Creek?

Johns Creek’s best kids dentist has many unique qualities, such as experience and care for children, our mission is to put first your child’s health and well-being. We are understanding and compassionate, approachable and knowledgeable. But above all we work with the parents towards the common goal of keeping our children healthy, safe and protected.