Some parents may not think of dental crowns as part of the usual treatments that a pediatric dentist in Johns Creek offers; however, Dr. Nanna Ariaban will make use of this treatment option whenever they’re beneficial to your child’s dental health.

As a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Nanna can give your kid the treatment they require from their infancy through their early adulthood. Besides, it is only pediatric dentists who can help kids with special needs feel comfortable and safe as they receive the care they need. If you want a dentist with communication skills second to none and who uses her knowledge to help young children smile brightly and with confidence, you have come to the right place!

What Are Dental Crowns for Kids?

Dental crowns essentially work as a cap that a Johns Creek pediatric dentist will place over your kid’s tooth to protect it from the environment. To make these dental crowns, we can use stainless steel material shaped just like your child’s tooth.

Does Your Kid Need a Dental Crown?

In most cases, your kid will need a dental crown as a part of their dental care following a cavity or baby root canal. Dental crowns are part of the restorative dentistry treatments available to make your child smile with confidence.

Unfortunately, tooth decay already affects most of the kids in the US due to a lack of a good oral hygiene routine, which means that they will most likely need dental crowns if their cavities are severe enough.

If your child received treatment for a severe cavity, you will know that their pediatric dentist will have to drill down to clear some of the infected tissue. As the dentist shaves down your kids’ teeth, they will change the original tooth shape, and the only way to restore the tooth and enable proper function, such as chewing, talking, and eating, might be to use a dental crown to cap the tooth.

Likewise, a dental crown can help prevent additional damage as a result of more harmful bacteria and cavities.

Here is why dental crowns are beneficial:

  • Dental crowns can protect your kids’ teeth from additional tooth decay.
  • These dental crowns can restore your kid’s tooth’s shape for proper function.

Are Dental Crowns Worth It?

Some parents may wonder if dental crowns are worth it if baby teeth are meant to fall anyway. After all, if baby teeth will fall off, you may not think that the effort to preserve them is worth it.

We’re here to tell you that this is not true.

Baby teeth are crucial for your kid’s dental development. We will make sure your kids’ teeth are as healthy as possible so they continue to grow with a beautiful and healthy smile.

How Long Will Dental Crowns Last?

Parents will want to know that their investment in their kids’ teeth is worth it. Fortunately, dental crowns are long-lasting, especially stainless steel ones, which can last until your kid’s permanent teeth begin to erupt. You will still have to help your child properly care for their teeth, including regular use of dental floss and a toothbrush, but the dental crowns they get installed will be highly durable.

What to Expect from Your Child’s Appointment?

The best pediatric dentist Johns Creek parents can find for their children will work with the best materials, meaning they can easily cap any tooth quickly and in a single visit. The process is as follows:

  • First, we’ll make sure to remove any and all traces of tooth decay thanks to a baby root canal or pulpectomy, which may entail losing the original shape of your kid’s tooth.
  • Second, we’ll start to prepare your kids’ teeth for the dental crown fitting. This involves shaving down a bit more the tooth and preparing the area so the adhesive will cling to the original dental structure.
  • Third is the fitting process, where we use a prefabricated silver dental crown and fit it over your child’s tooth to find the proper size, as any wrong decisions can lead to considerable discomfort and imbalances when they bite down.
  • Finally, we apply the dental crown that fits your kid’s mouth just as it should. We’ll use a special bonding agent to cement the dental crown and finish the treatment procedure.

Set Up an Appointment for Your Kid

Get in touch with our team at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry, and you’ll rest assured that you’ll be bringing your child to a team with the ability and experience to make children feel safe, welcome, and even eager to continue with their oral care.

We hope to see you around soon in Johns Creek to help your kid smile even more!