Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Oral Hygiene

Child brushing his teeth in blue bathroom


Alpharetta, GA – It can be challenging to get your kids to commit to a full oral hygiene routine – especially when they are young and full of energy. Instead of fighting it, we here at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry came up  with some ways you can channel your child’s playful enthusiasm and encourage them to brush! We have ideas for encouraging toddlers and older kids to take care of their teeth.

Crack Open the Books!

    • Brush, Brush, Brush! – This one is great for toddlers, and offers interactive pages and colorful pictures. The book even comes with a note to parents at the end, which contains ideas for activities to do with your child that are directly related to the book they’re sure to love!
    • Dr. Seuss’s The Tooth Book – This one is a classic! The Tooth Book will teach your young child about fun animals who have teeth, as well as how to care for their own teeth! Plus, no can pass up a Dr. Seuss rhyme. They will be easy for your child to remember!
    • Sam’s Science: I Know Why I Brush My Teeth – This book is a great choice for children in kindergarten and above. In this one, young readers will learn about the different kinds of teeth they have, as well as how to take care of them from a more adventurous, science-friendly perspective!

Try Some Toys!

    • Crocodile Dentist – Remember playing operation? This game starts with the same idea – but it’s all about dentistry! Your child will love playing with the giant crocodile’s teeth and learning about thorough cleaning and tooth sensitivity.
    • Giant Toothbrushes – Ok, hear us out. These giant toothbrushes will require some imagination, but there are endless possibilities! Children can play with them by pretending to clean their other toys, or making up their own games. Giving them a chance to associate fun with toothbrushes can only spark more enthusiasm for brushing their teeth with their regular-sized brushes!
    • Play-Doh Doctor Drill n’ Fill – This Play-Doh kit gives kids the materials to make “teeth” and “braces,” which will be a lot of fun and give them the chance to get more comfortable with dental and orthodontic work in their own mouths!

Play a Game!

    • If you’re on a budget or don’t have room for any more toys, you can definitely use some of these ideas DIY style. Instead of getting a book about brushing your teeth, make up a story on your own! Bonus points for including your child’s favorite tv show character!
    • Try talking to your child about the teeth on the toys they already have! If your child is conscious of the teeth their dolls, action figures, and stuffed animals have, they may pretend to brush them during their imaginative play time.
    • Try one of these two minute activities to keep your child entertained while they brush their teeth, or make up your own!

We hope that some of these ideas help get your child more excited about taking care of their smiles! If you would like some more assistance or personalized advice, schedule a consultation with our pediatric dentist in Roswell at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry today!