Upcycle: DIY Crafts to Try With Your Empty Floss Containers!

Father helping daughter craft

Alpharetta, GA – Flossing is very important for every member of your family. But all those plastic boxes of floss can start to stack up. While you can recycle them, you can also reuse them! Here are a few fun ideas for DIY crafts you and your family can try with your empty floss containers!

As a general note, it is very important that you remove the blade from the packaging before you and your family try these crafts (with the exception of the sewing kit idea). The small blade should be easy to remove, and this will keep craft time much more safe!

DIY Sewing Kit

You can use your empty floss containers to create a DIY sewing kit! Simply put your thread of choice where the floss once was, thread it through the top and the blade where the floss was dispensed, and there you go! This craft does not require much disassembly, and is great for loose thread or creating a more portable sewing kit to carry in your car, purse, or emergency kit! Some floss boxes are even big enough to also hold a needle for extra convenience.

Bead Storage

Who doesn’t love beads? Beads are great for crafting with kids, but storage can be a challenge, especially when they come in bags or very large variety kits. If you remove the blade and the spool from a floss box, you can store small to medium sized beads in them. Since most floss boxes are roughly the same size, they will be easy to store together. They are also easy to close, so they help you eliminate the post-craft mess!

Snack Storage

If you remove the spool and blade from a floss container, you can use it to store small treats like mints and candy! Your favorite mints will fit perfectly into the floss container. You can also try this with small candies like nerds or jelly beans. Mini M&Ms will also work, just watch out for melted chocolate! This can work well for portion control, as little ones often don’t need to eat a whole package of these candies, but finishing the ‘whole box’ will help them feel satisfied

Get Creative!

This is the perfect craft for kids with huge imaginations! Decorate your old floss containers with stickers, markers, or whatever other craft supplies you have lying around, and let your imaginations run wild! Floss containers can be decorated to look like purses, suitcases, or tool boxes for you child’s favorite dolls. They have even be stacked like building blocks for a wide range of imaginative activities and play!

Recycling and reusing everyday items is good for the environment and our imaginations! If you have any other upcycle craft ideas, tell us about them in the comments below!

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