Travel Tips For Healthy Teeth: Getting Your Kids To Brush on Vacation

Children brushing their teeth in the mirror

Alpharetta, GA – Believe it or not, summer is coming up! For many people, that means getting the kids out of the house, and into a travel-filled summer of fun. Whether you’re packing your bags to fly to Europe or getting into the van to drive up to grandma’s house, you’re in for a great summer.

While you’re out enjoying the sun, the views, and grandma’s famous cookies, you’ll want to make sure that you and your kids are still taking good care of your teeth. We trust that you will maintain your brushing and flossing routine – but sometimes the kids tend to get carried away, and need a little extra convincing to stick to it.

Pick Out A Special Vacation Toothbrush

Going on vacation with your family is a special time indeed. Give your children another reason to be excited by making a stop at the store to pick out a brand new toothbrush! Whether they choose a Disney character or a Marvel superhero to keep them company while they brush, it will be an extra reason to look forward to the trip and stick to their habit of brushing at least twice a day, every day.

Take Every Opportunity to Brush

On that note, it’s important to point out that whether you are in a car or on an airplane, the length of your journey may require multiple brushings a day. Since we all let our kids enjoy a sweet treat or two just to keep them quiet during the journey, it’s especially important to make sure they brush as often as possible to prevent those snacks from getting stuck on their teeth.

The best way to do this is by keeping a travel toothbrush or using that vacation toothbrush with you at all times (this could potentially be a second version of that Disney toothbrush we mentioned earlier). Encourage your kids to do a quick brush and rinse every time there is a pitstop or a bathroom break.

Make Tooth-Friendly Decisions At The Kitchen Table

It can be very tempting to let your kids enjoy the complimentary chocolate that your hotel provides or the sugary cereal that room service will deliver right to your door. While it’s perfectly okay to enjoy these treats in moderation, be sure to have them brush immediately.

When it comes to regular meals, however, it is best to have your kids avoid things like soda and juice, and choose water instead. At lunch and dinner, it can be as easy as encouraging your kids to make a simple switch on their plate. This goes a long way in preventing any decay or damage to their teeth.

End The Day With A Good, Thorough Cleaning

Brush, floss, rinse, repeat. At the end of every day during your vacation, have your kids stick to the travel-friendly brushing routine. When you are traveling, they might want to speed through their brushing and hop right into bed after a long day. It’s easy to miss some spots when they do this. So make sure you and your children are both ending the day with a good, thorough cleaning!

After your vacation, be sure to make an appointment for your kids at the dentist. Here at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry in Alpharetta, we are committed to making sure that your kids are on their way to a healthy and happy smile for many years to come.