Should You Pull? Saying Goodbye to Baby Teeth

Happy girl holding fallen tooth

Alpharetta, GA – A quick YouTube search will unearth countless creative ways of pulling loose baby teeth out. Kids and parents have tried everything from the classic “slamming door” technique to the “Nerf gun technique”. While these ideas sound fun, it is important to note that they can be very dangerous and often painful for the child. However, losing your baby teeth does not have to be a scary experience! Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that your child’s baby teeth come out when they are ready to!

Pain Management

It is important to wait until the baby tooth is loose enough to come out with very little pulling from you or your child. Having a loose tooth can be uncomfortable, as it can shift around to poke the gum or making chewing painful. If your child expresses discomfort, try icing the gums or offering them cold foods to help numb the tender area. If you wait until the tooth is ready to come out, the actual extraction should not be too painful, as most of the nerves will be dead. If your child is having trouble sleeping or is experiencing pain, consult with your Roswell pediatric dentist or doctor about options for children’s pain relieving medicine.

Let Your Child Be in Charge

To help ensure that the baby tooth is not removed prematurely, and to reduce the fear and anxiety that sometimes comes with the new experience of losing a tooth, be sure to allow your child to be in control of the situation. Your child will likely wiggle the tooth with their tongue throughout the day, which will help loosen the tooth at a gradual pace. If they need a little extra help or are getting impatient, you can also offer them crunchy snacks, like apple slices, to speed up the process a little bit. It may be necessary for you to help your child at the very end, but the more agency they have in the situation the better. It will help them feel more confident and excited about losing a tooth, and will also help the process occur at a more natural pace.

Keep it Clean

If you wait until the tooth is truly ready to come out, there should not be too much blood. However, you’ll want to have gauze ready just in case, as the small amount of blood may cause your child to worry. Be sure to clean the area and have your child rinse their mouth thoroughly. Any time there is an open wound in the body, there is a possibility of infection. Just keep an eye on your child and make sure they are sticking to their oral hygiene routine during this time. Remind them that the tooth fairy is watching!

Hopefully these tips will help your child through the process of losing a tooth! If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry today!