Discover Fun Dental Tips on Dr. Nanna’s Pinterest

children pinching each others cheeks

ALPHARETTA, GA – There is no limit to what you can find on Pinterest. It does not matter if you are into fashion, fine art, or crafts to do with your kids, if it is on the Internet, you will find it on Pinterest. You can even find your favorite pediatric dentist in Alpharetta, Dr. Nanna Ariaban, on Pinterest. With more than 500 pins, she has taken the time to pin and share ideas that will help reinforce what she teaches your children in her office.

One of her most popular boards is called “Dental Education for Kids.” It has about 35 different tips, facts, or learning ideas for helping children of all ages understand the reason taking care of our teeth is important. There are also creative activities to help younger children conceptualize what is actually happening when their toothbrush and floss are working. The infographics she pinned are useful for helping older children understand how much sugar is in their favorite foods and how good oral care can help them in the long-term.

To help parents protect their children’s teeth, Dr. Nanna also has boards specifically for “Healthy Snacks for Teeth,” and “Special Occasion Treats.” One of the most fun boards this dentist has created is “Food Ideas for Kids.” You will find delightfully creative ways to present snacks and meals in a way that will appeal to the kid in all of us. This will hopefully encourage them to eat their colors more often, which is great for their teeth.

If you are wondering what books might help you prepare your child for a visit to a children’s dentist in Roswell, you can check out pins like, “10 Best Children’s Books for Brushing Your Teeth.” As Dr. Nanna continues to use Pinterest, more book ideas will be added to help you educate your children at home about the importance of dental health.

On a more personal note, you can get a taste of Dr. Nanna’s style and sense of humor by browsing some of her other boards. You can see that she really has a keen affection for polka dots too.

This dentist for children is connecting with patients and their families on a whole new level by sharing her favorite ideas on Pinterest. Even if you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can keep track of Polkadot Dental’s account on Pinterest here –

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