When Will My Child’s Baby Teeth Come In?

Baby with pacifier

There is no exact time for everyone and every child will experience something a little different, however most children will see teeth come in at the ages of 6 and 12 months. This is the period in which we actually recommend that you schedule your first appointment with a pediatric dentist.

By the age of 3 most of the baby, or primary, teeth should have erupted.

If you want to see an estimated schedule of what teeth will come in when, Stanford Children’s Health has a great piece about what parents can expect.

A quick summary of what they have include:

  • There are about 20 primary teeth and usually one tooth comes in every month
  • The first tooth to come in usually is a middle, front tooth on the lower jaw
  • If a tooth fails to come in a year after its expected time, it’s good to investigate with your child’s dentist

What do you mean when you say eruption?

In many dental blogs you will see the word eruption. Eruption is simply the dental term for when teeth enter into the mouth and become visible. Day to day, most people refer to this as teeth “coming in”.

When will my child’s permanent teeth come in?

As you probably know, baby teeth are the predecessors of the permanent adult teeth that your child will have for the rest of their life. The health of the baby teeth are extremely important for the long term health of the adult teeth and their smile.

Children will begin to loose their baby teeth at the age of 6 and have their permanent teeth come in right after. The last baby tooth is normally fallen out by the age of 12 and all of the permanent, adult teeth will have grown in. For more information about baby teeth visit our Pediatric Dentist in Alpharetta at Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry