What Experts Say About Confident Smiles for Kids

Child pointing at her braces

From a very young age, having a smile you feel confident about can drastically improve your self image and self esteem. While measuring self confidence is very subjective, it is important to understand the connection between pediatric dental care and self esteem. Children become aware of their appearance and develop social habits surprisingly early in life. Read on to learn more about ensuring your child grows up with a confident smile!

Can my child’s oral health really affect their self image?

Yes! Medical professionals call this oral health-related quality of life, or OHRQoL. What a mouthful, right? OHRQoL essentially refers to the relationship between a patient’s oral health and overall well being. This includes anything from pain or discomfort caused by oral issues to self confidence about your smile. It is important to start pediatric dental check ups early, so that your child has access to the care they need as soon as they need it.

Just how important is a confident smile?

The answer is very! From a young age, a child’s ability to interact with and smile at new people, laugh without feeling embarrassed, and consider themselves worthy of attention and accomplishments all affect their quality of life and the formation of their self esteem. Think about the confidence it takes for them to raise their hand in class, or approach new friends at recess! As an adult this is still true, with additional advantages like feeling more comfortable smiling in job interviews.

How can my child’s pediatric dentist help?

Your Roswell kids dentist should be aware of the ways that their work can and do affect your child’s quality of life. Another important part of instilling confidence in your child is helping them feel autonomous and responsible for their own oral health. We like to reward our patients for doing a great job of taking care of their teeth. Need help getting your child excited about oral hygiene? Check out some of the ideas we’ve come up with!

The most important part of your orthodontic treatment is you! If you are ready to take the next step toward a confident smile, schedule a consultation with us today!


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