Invisalign Treatment for Kids in Johns Creek

Invisalign treatment for kids in Johns Creek is doable, but not common. Typically we do not see a lot of kids with braces, let alone kids with Invisalign. We more commonly see teens with Invisalign. Invisalign in Johns Creek can be tricky for kids. There are a few reasons why we do not recommend Invisalign to kids but instead recommend traditional metal braces.

Invisalign Clear Aligners for Kids in Johns Creek

Invisalign treatment for kids in Johns Creek is good for kids who are responsible and careful. Invisalign uses a custom made set of aligners to straighten teeth over time. The aligners are made of clear plastic so that teeth can be discretely straightened over time. Invisalign in Johns Creek is removable, and a series of different aligners are provided so that way aligners can be changed out every few weeks.

Invisalign for Kids Johns Creek

Braces over Invisalign Treatment

We worry that kids may lose or accidentally break their aligners. Aligners must be taken out to eat or drink, which can lead to them getting lost or broken. This is a big reason why we tend to recommend traditional metal braces to kids. Braces are durable and cemented to teeth. Kids are less likely to break and cannot lose their metal braces.

Another reason traditional metal braces are more common for kids is because of the cost. Metal braces are cheaper than Invisalign, and if aligners keep getting misplaced or damaged, it can be pretty costly to get them replaced and fixed continually. Metal braces are the cheapest form of teeth straightening, and kids love the unique rubber band colors that they can change throughout the process.

Invisalign Treatment for Children in Johns Creek

If the price is not an issue and your child really wants Invisalign treatment in Johns Creek, then we are more than happy to happy! During the exam, we will take x-rays to see the placement of the teeth. We will do a consultation appointment to see if they are eligible for Invisalign. Sometimes there are cases where teeth are too misaligned to be able to use Invisalign. Once we see if their teeth are good, we can then take a 3D model of their teeth so we can have the aligners created. Eventually, once you come to pick up your aligners, we will supply a few month’s worth of aligners that will need to be changed out over time. The Johns Creek pediatric dentist will go over the recommended time required between aligners.

If you or your child have any questions about Invisalign in Johns Creek, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.